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About Forty-Eight X

Topics for Discussion

(1) Should we experiment on animals to enhance their usefulness to us? We already create hybrids for our food chain. In centuries past we developed stronger beasts of burden. Why not more intelligent creatures to perhaps handle tedious manual labors that require little thought?

(2) Should we experiment on humans to enhance our capabilities? This might involve the use of cognitive enhancing drugs like Ritalin or Adderal. Or, neuro-electronic interfaces such as plugging our brains into computers or inserting adjunct computer software directly into our brains.

(3) Does eugenics deserve a comeback? Why is it okay to use our limited resources to preserve and reward the least productive among us and less popular to use those resources to promote our very best? In the contest between nature and nurture, has nurture won? And while we shouldn’t fall into the trap of labeling inferior genes as malignant and worthy of destroying, like Hitler; is it wrong to seek genetic enhancement? While we might fault the frivolous use of genetic engineering – to alter our children’s eye color, height, or color – might it not be worthwhile to engineer smarter people?

(4) Are there real human capabilities that have yet to be discovered or fostered? Are we capable of extra-sensory perception (predicting future or distant events), telekinesis (the movement of objects with the mind), astral projection (projecting our consciousness to other places or times), telepathy (reading thoughts), and synesthesia (the melding and enhancement of our five senses)? What is science fiction and what has the potential for being science fact?