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Seeking Sinai

Religious faith does not require historical or scientific proof. You either have it or you don’t. But historical relics have often been used to strengthen the conviction of the faithful - the remains of Buddha enshrined in a stupa, a reliquary holding a piece of the cross, or a hair from Mohammed. Could a contrary relic shake one’s faith?

Judaism's only relic is its book, known as the Torah, the Five Books of Moses, the Old Testament, or simply the Bible. And, the foremost character in that book is Moses - the great prophet of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. What if there was another characterization of Moses, an unholy one, and another version of Exodus? That is the maguffin of SEEKING SINAI, a contemporary suspense novel rife with history, religion, and timely political debates. The tale involves a quest to find Mount Sinai and the treasures of ancient Egypt, becomes entangled in the politics of Middle East oil and water, tests the limits of more than one man’s faith, and presents a conundrum. Locating Sinai and its hidden treasures will reveal one of the greatest archeological discoveries of all time, but could finding it also support an alternate version of the Exodus story and turn biblical history on its head, jeopardizing the moral foundation of the world’s greatest religions?

SEEKING SINAI is a mix of fact and fiction and wishful thinking. At times the story treats the faithful with some cynicism. But when not used to demean or harm others, is there any greater gift than faith?



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