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Medical Stories

Notes from an Emergency Room Doctor:

A Good Death

America's Population Bomb

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Broken Hearts and Broken Bones

The Low Down Blues

Herpes Nostalgia

Woody Allen's School of Medicine

Testing the Limits

Mr. Lucky

The Abortion

The Great 25 Cent Medical Test

The Food of the Gods

Glad to be Alive

This Story is X-Rated

Why Jayme Didn't Go To Camp

The Unkindest Cut

Dr. Pollack's Snake Oil

The Falling Down Laws

Nixon's Last Hurrah

The Candid Doctor

Science and Voodoo

Paramedics - They're There First

The National "Auto" Health Insurance Program

Never Give Up

Just Say No - A Doctor's Dilemma on Prescribing Painkillers

Last One In Is A Statistician

The Tax on Twinkies

The Harvard Brief: The Short and Tall of It

The Sky is Falling. The Sky is Falling.

No Excuse, Sir

How to Bring up a Teenager

Lock the Door and Shut Out the Lights

Work is a Four Letter Word

Mars is Homeless

The Big Butt Theory of Intelligence

Modern Medicine: You Can Never Have It

Humor from the ER

Hunger Lasts Beyond Christmas Day

New Year's Resolutions

Man's Best Friend Bites

The Art of Caring

The Tobacco Evolution: A Silver Cloud Beyond the Deadly Haze

The Importance of Autopsy

No Cure for Grief

The Whiplash Syndrome

Daring to Say the "M" Word

Typhoid Mary and the Olympic Champion

The Cure for Cabin Fever

Wake Up and Go To Sleep

Death Over-the-Counter

Mom Loved You Best