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The Provenance of the Monroe Gorget


A rabbi, known for his wisdom and righteousness, comes upon a story of Moses and Pharaoh written upon an ancient artifact. But it is not the story of Exodus. Itís an aberration of the biblical tale that, if proven true, could jeopardize the moral foundation of Judaism and the world's great religions that followed. The rabbi kills to possess it.

Natalie Adler, a savvy and sexy Los Angeles realtor, and her boyfriend Elmo Bernize, an LAPD homicide detective on the ďoutsĒ with his department, discover that the ancient relic, inscribed with the lost writings of Herodotus, reveals the exact site of Mount Sinai, the mountain of God, whose real location has been speculated upon for thousands of years. Together with Arthur Dobbie, an adventurous young millionaire, they begin a hazardous quest to find the mountain. Their effort becomes mired in the politics20of Middle East oil and water, tests the limits of more than one manís faith, and presents a conundrum: Locating Sinai and its hidden treasures will reveal one of the greatest archeological discoveries of all time, but finding it will also support an alternate version of the Exodus story, turning biblical history on its head.

Barry Pollack's OIL AND GOD takes readers from ancient Egypt and Greece on a modern-day adventure from the beaches and bedrooms of Los Angeles, to the oil rich sands of Saudi Arabia, to historical hilltop religious towns and secret desert military bases in Israel. It is a story that questions faith, history, and the Middle East status quo.