A drama with five intertwined stories in a local bar.  A homeless drunk discovers that getting sober can also mean getting even;  a lonely girl reluctantly does a favor and discovers dangerous love; a gay detective and his politically incorrect partner find a strange resolution for crime and punishment; a young self-absorbed “player” meets a sexy provocateur who upends his marriage plans; and a young man with regrets and addictions literally dances with Death. All these stories meet at the intersection of love, misfortune and redemption.
Genre:  Drama
Running Time: 1 hr. 33 min.
MPAA Rating:  Unrated
Distributor:  Lighthouse Distribution
Starring:  Mischa Pollack, Ally Iseman, Jeremy Walker, Pasha Sol with Bonnie Bedelia and Ray Wise
Directed by:  Barry Pollack, Joanna Bowzer, Tim Gagliardo, Tim Russ, Shae-lee Shackleford
Written by:  Barry Pollack
Produced by:  Barry Pollack, Micah Brandt, Tim Gagliardo

Directed by Barry Pollack

A drunken bum picks the wrong bar at the right time and finds that sometimes getting sober can be getting even.


SPEED – thirty-something drunk and homeless but still holding onto his self-respect.

BUDDY – an uncompassionate bartender.

MURRAY – an all business middle-aged bar owner, looking out for what’s best for him.

DINA – a young woman, struggling in a tough business, looking for the “right” partner.

Directed by Joanna Bowzer

A struggling realtor is taken advantage of by a brash and sleazy colleague and in the process discovers that sometimes losers can be winners. An unexpected favor – even one reluctantly made – can change you life.


SPEED – the bartender, a good listener

MILO – the handsome ladies’ man, a successful realtor, self-absorbed, with few scruples.

DINA – a young woman, struggling in a tough business, looking for the “right” partner.

VIKTOR – the Russian businessman looking for his woman, who knows how to make deals and friends.

CORTNEY – Viktor’s gorgeous girlfriend, conniving and witty.

Directed by Tim Gagliardo

Two partner cops – one a “gay” newbie; the other older, on the verge of retirement – chat over dinner about the job.  A misunderstanding and a slip of fate leads to guns drawn and shots fired.  The mess they’ve made of an arrest is compounded when the younger partner reveals that he had stolen some evidence money.  Only a “favor” by the arrested Russian mobster solves their dilemma. What matters is not if you’re a good cop or a bad cop, a straight cop or a gay cop.  What matters is if you’re a lucky cop.


DAVIS – the thirty- something gay newbie cop.

NATE – his sixty-five year-old jaded partner.

MILO – the handsome ladies’ man, successful realtor, self- absorbed with few scruples.

EVIE – Milo’s fiancée

VIKTOR – a Russian businessman who knows how to make deals and friends.

CORTNEY – Viktor’s lascivious niece.

SPEED – the bartender.

Directed by Tim Russ

A young man is anxious to extricate himself from a marital commitment and his vision of a stifling marital routine. He’s into business and “hook ups,” not relationships. It takes a strange encounter with a strange young woman to make him second guess his decision. Sometimes you don’t know what real love is until you lose it.


CORTNEY – a dreamer; young, pretty, independent, wild, and experienced.

MILO – a thirty-something successful businessman, self-absorbed, with doubts about choices and his future.

MOTHER – Milo’s mother.

FATHER – Milo’s father.

EVIE – Milo’s jilted fiancé.

SPEED – the bartender

VIKTOR – the Russian

Directed by Shae-Lee Shackleford

A young man mired in drugs and alcohol begs for second chances when he meets up with Death who arrives in the guise of his grandmother. Booze, drugs, whatever your addiction. You can make bad choices in life. You can make excuses. But you can’t run away from the consequences. Unless, of course, in dancing with Death she gives you a second chance.


MURRAY – the restaurant owner

SPEED/JACOB – A thirty –something bartender whose misfortunes drag him into drugs and alcohol and death.

WEBSTER NANA/WEBSTER DEATH – Death, who appears looking like Speed’s grandmother, provides grandmotherly advice and urges him to move on with her to “another world”. It takes a “dance with death” to decide his fate.



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